First Nigerian Assembled Toyota Vehicle Unveiled In Lagos, See Pictures

The first ever Nigerian Assembled Toyota Hiace bus was unveiled today in Lagos State, Nigeria by Toyota to kick-start the era of vehicle production and assembling in full force.

It is worthy to note that this is not the first car or bus to be produced or Assembled in Nigeria because there is a very powerful car assembling industry in the Eastern part of the country owned by Innoson but this particular one tagged first in Nigeria because it is a Toyota product.

You can recall that Toyota Nigeria last year made clear of its plan to establish a vehicle assembly plant in this part of the African continent to join Nissan, Ford, Kia, Peugeot and a host of other auto firms already assembling vehicles locally in Nigeria.

According to the statement by the managing Director, Toyota Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo, "the new Hiace was assembled in the company’s plant in Lagos, built with 30,000-unit production capacity every year".

The Hiace, "he said, was assembled as a test case, adding that the organization would soon begin its mass production".

Pictures Of First Ever Google Car

Federal government have plans to make Nigeria one of the heavyweights in car production and assembly via automotive industry development and this had since increased the import duty on cars from 22% to 70% all in the bid to discourage car importation in the country.

Am still waiting to see our top government officials using made in Nigeria cars though the president himself have some to himself.

Let's support made in Nigeria stuffs to strengthen our economy.


  1. I pray make our ministers use made in Nigeria cars o, d ruling party go say na d opposition party Na make am for that reason dem nor go buy sothat dem nor go get accident

  2. That's what Ben Murray Bruce make use of

  3. Give this guy a medal please cos he has done what Napoleon could not do

  4. The government on their own part should assist local manufacturers so as to boost the economy

  5. The banks also should come into partnership with local investors so that they can provide the needed cash