Happy Birthday To Twitter!!! See How Old It Is Today + Photos

Hurray!!! As we join all other Twitter users all over the world to celebrate yet another year since this powerful social platform was launched to serve as an online partner in keeping us informed and updated with the latest trends in the world every seconds.

Twitter is one of the easiest social media domain to air your view via quick tweets and it's very fast. Today, we celebrate the 10th birthday of Twitter imagine how fast this platform has grown just under a decade.

Below are pictures and screenshots of some important tweets on Twitter.
We thank twitter for giving everyone a place to speak our mind and give everyone the opportunity to communicate and interact with any category of persons.

We thank you Twitter for allowing fans to enjoy free airtime from Melvin's boss, Don Jazzy and other superstars

We equally thank twitter for all those entertaining tweet fights and arguments

Thanks for giving WizyTechs readers another platform to enjoy the latest updates on the blog via Twitter @wizytechs

We won't forget the freedom of speech given to people like VicO on Twitter

Finally, thanks for making it easier for young men and women to meet their husbands/wives on Twitter

Keep on the good job by making life and social media more easier for us.
Happy 10th Birthday to Twitter!!!

Image credit: Medishield15

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  1. I knew when twitter emerged, it was just like yesterday. Meeehn time dey fly o

  2. Nice compilations, kudos to you

  3. I never knew that i was born the same month with Twitter.
    Thanks for this wonderful update