How To Create And Design Multi-Column Gravity Forms

You can easily create single column forms using the drag and drop builder of Gravity Forms. It is also easy to move the fields by dragging them however to divide the form into multiple columns you will need to use CSS Ready Classes.
What are CSS Ready Classes?
CSS Ready Classes are used to create advanced layouts for Gravity Forms. This is a core feature of Gravity Forms and you don't need any 3rd party plugin to use them. They were incorporated in version 1.5 of Gravity Forms. You can create 2/3 columns layouts by adding them to your form fields.

How to Create 2 Column Forms?
For creating a 2 Column form you have to use 'gf_left_half' and 'gf_right_half' classes. 'gf_left_half ' class aligns the field into left half of the form and 'gf_right_half ' 

class aligns the field into right half.
 Here are the steps to divide the form into equal halves.

·         Open the form which you want to convert into 2 columns.
·         Click on the form field of which you want to change alignment. Go to Advanced tab and add 'gf_left_half' or 'gf_right_half' under CSS Class Name.
·         To align adjacent fields side by side you must align the first field towards left and the next field towards right.

How to Create 3 Column Forms?
Steps for creating 3 Column Forms is similar to those of 2 column forms. The only change is the name of classes.

To align a field the the left you should use 'gf_left_third' , to align a field into middle you should use 'gf_middle_third' and for alinging a field into right you should use 'gf_right_third'.
How to Divide Checkboxes and Radio Buttons into Multiple Columns?
There are special classes to change the layout of checkboxes and radio buttons. You can use gf_list_2col, gf_list_3col, gf_list_4col, gf_list_5col to divide these fields into two, three, four and five columns respectively.
How to Design Multi-Column Gravity Forms?
To design multi-column form you can use Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms Plugin from WordPress plugin repository. This is a free plugin and works well both on single and multi-column layouts.
Steps to design the forms.
  • Login into WordPress dashboard and open the form in front end of your website. Click on the customize button in admin bar.
  • You will see multiple panels in customizer sidebar. Look for Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms. This panel is created by the plugin after activation.
  • Now you will notice there is only 'Select Form' section inside this panel with a dropdown which list all of all the available form. Select the form which you want to design.
  •  Once you select a form the plugin will automatically save the changes in database and the refresh the page.
  • You have to navigate to 'Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms' again and this time you will see all the sections which you can customize using this plugin. There are more than hundred settings available for customization. 
  • Now navigate to the section for which you want to change the design. You will see all the options like backround color, font  size, font color, margin, padding etc. 
  • Every time you will change a setting the changes will be immediately reflected on the post. Once you have designed the form then click on the Save and Publish button to make the changes permanent.

Does the Layout and Design will Work even after changing Theme?
Since all the changes are done inside Gravity forms as well as Styles and Layouts Plugin so, the changes will not be lost after updating or changing the theme.

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