iPhone 6S Plus Clone By BlackView Is Now Sold For Only $119.99

After the launch of iPhone 6s, an Asian company by name BlackView produced a clone of the device that looks exactly like the original iPhone 6s. When it was released the price was between $130 to $135 but at the moment, it has been reduced to just $119.99 which is more affordable.

Though it is a clone device but the specs are very nice and tempting to behold. It is a 5.5 inches device with 2GB RAM. It is among the phones with highest included accessories in the pack. You can see my post on the specs and amazing accessories of iPhone 6s by blackview

The Blackview Ultra Plus is a plastic bodied iPhone 6S Plus look-a-like. The phone also features a13 mega-pixel primary camera.

Will you rock this device?