Mediatek All Set To Launch High-End Helio X30 Deca-core Chip

MediaTek which is popularly known as MTK processor is actually a Taiwan manufactured Processor (Chipset) although a large percentage of people think it's a Chinese product. Anyway, China and Taiwan are 5 and 6 so there is no much difference.

Mediatek as a company has really gone a very long way from becoming a local Taiwan chipmaker. Just in 2015, the company took its game to another level by producing new range of 64-bit chips and Acquired the Qualcomm from USA to some extent. The company’s merits has always comes because of their affordable Chipset prices which is why we normally see MTK chipsets inside almost all low-cost smartphones around the world especially in China, India, Singapore and Nigeria.

Meanwhile, if we talk about the high-end segment of the chip, Mediatek chips still still lag behind. When a benchmark test was carried on HelioX20 chip which appears to be the world's first deca-core processor, the results shows that its focused at the higher mid-range market, and scored about 85K on AnTuTu benchmark. While Snapdragon, which is a top-end 820 chip have scored as high as 133K using the same benchmarking test.

As at the time of publishing this article, mediatek is still behind even quad-core Snapdragon chip but there is high hope from the company for their new and upcoming Helio X30 chipset, which has already been labeled as a competitor with the big guns in the chip making industry very soon.

Zhu Shangzu, the CEO of Mediatek, recently said something about the "Helio X30 chip to be a power house which can take on premium chipmakers like Qualcomm and Samsung".

It's reported that the company will continue with the new deca-core architecture built on the 16nm process on its expected top-end chip. The possible architecture of the Helio X30 could look like this range 2 x 1GHz Cortex A53 + 2 x 1.5GHz Cortex A53 + 2 x 2GHz Cortex A72 and 4 X 2.5GHz Cortex although the GPU is what is still a secrete as of now.

You can recall that Mediatek announced the Helio X20 chip early last year, so we are expecting the announcement for the release date of this new innovation from mediatek.

For those that are still new here, mediatek is the Chipset that allows you to easily tweak your phone IMEI. Examples of Android phone OEM that uses MTK chipset are Gionee, Tecno, Infinix, innjoo, some itel Phones, etc.

Most of the uses Quad core, and octa core chips. Now that mediatek is about releasing a deca-core chip, will you drop your current phone for a higher one?


  1. I'll want you to educate me on the addition of a letter to the processor chipset in some phones. Like mtk6737m, what does the M stand for?

  2. Thanks for this awesome update

  3. I will only drop my mtk powered device for another one if the cost of data is relatively cheap in our country.

    IMEI tweaking all the way