Finally Official: Say Bye Bye To BlackBerry 10 Devices

Since this year 2016 it has been one bad news to the other for all blackberry users. Both official and rumors of BlackBerry devices going into extinction later in the year.

Facebook and Whatsapp had already made it clear that they won't be partnering with BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry Operating System anymore.

So let's help them in Nailing BlackBerry phones to death

Meanwhile, Blackberry midrange phones that will run on full Android OS codenamed Rome and Hamburg; will be launched later this year. One of the phones will come with a full touchscreen while the other will feature a physical keyboard like the BB Q10.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen clearly stated in his latest interviews with Golf News: “We will support BB10 for minimum two more years as a lot of governments are using it, such as Canada, the U.S., Germany, and UK.”

...the company will now be focusing solely on its Android phones with the goal of producing “most secure Android smartphone for the enterprise.”

Let's see what this top government officials of the world will now be using when BlackBerry devices finally go into extinction. We people like Barack Obama use android, iOS or windows phone? Only time will tell


  1. BlackBerry is surely going into extinction. Wizy I inboxed you on Facebook but you didn't reply. Kindly add my number 07068100173 to the group. Thanks.

  2. I think Blackberry's biggest mistake is the sale of BBM. They may have still been able to compete a little with Android if they still had sole rights to BBM.....At one point we were crazy about bb phones!..How have the mighty fallen.