How I Rooted Tecno Boom J8 And Installed TWRP Recovery

A friend of mine brought a newly bought Tecno Boom J8 SmartPhone and begged me to install TWRP on it so that he can be able to perform backups and restoration.

Installing TWRP in any android device requires rooting of the phone before it can be possible and i was very busy the so while i was searching online to see the easiest way to achieve this in few minutes, i came across the guide i will show you here. I was able to root the tecno boom j8 and installed TWRP in less than 5 minutes and continued what i was doing.

Tecno Boom J8 is one of the newly released Tecno devices in 2016 and one major aspect tecno concentrated on while producing this device was the media quality. The Boom J8 plays music like the way its name sounds. In fact, it gives a blast of music experience.

Meanwhile, no matter how important and amazing an android device is, without rooting it, you will continue to be the phone's servant but once you have rooted it, you will automatically be the boss though rooting has its disadvantages too. You can check advantages and disadvantages of rooting your phone

Things I Used While Rooting Tecno Boom J8
==> I used latest Version of Kingroot app. Download KingRoot 4.9 here
==> I made sure i had active Internet access. You can as well use wifi network if you are in an area with free wifi services.

See My Procedures
==> I went to the phone's Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and ticked on it.
This is required whenever one has to download or install applications not from Google playstore.

==> The next thing i did was to install the latest kingroot app i downloaded earlier on the phone.

==> Then i launched the Kingroot app on the phone. I Tapped the blue button at the bottom to kickstart the rooting process. It started reading in % and i waited for it to complete to 100%.

Remember that in some situations, your phone might reboot prematurely before the percentage is completed. This usually happens when there is not enough or strong 💪 Internet connection on your phone. Just reboot the phone and make sure there is internet service and data on the device before you continue rooting again.

==> After some minutes of waiting for the percentage that was reading, i got a success message

==> Finally, i restarted the device and i saw a new app called KingUser which is an evidence that the rooting process was successful but i had to be 100% so i downloaded root checker from google playstore to verify the root authenticity and it was confirmed rooted.

The work i did was installing the TWRP on Tecno Boom J8. I did it the most simplest and easiest way that would surprise you. Follow me...

How I Installed TWRP on Tecno Boom J8
==> I download TWRP from google playstore and rightly installed it on the phone

This application makes it possible for you to Backup, Restore, and Wipe your phone's data.


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I hope this guide helps you in rooting your new tecno boom j8 devices.

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