Problem Fixed: How To Connect Android Marshmallow Devices To PC Without Issues Again

If you are using android 6.0 Marshmallow device or you just upgraded your device to android marshmallow OS, chances are there that you have already experienced the issues of not been able to connect your phone to your PC. People complains that after connecting their device to PC, you won't see the phone.

According to the reports on some of the issues and bugs on android Marshmallow, it is troublesome for PC to detect android devices running on the OS but i am here to show you how i fixed one of them.

One popular comments users always makes is "My PC no longer recognizes my phone ever since I upgraded to Marshmallow". So follow the below process to fix this issue asap. There are two methods i will drop so you can select and apply any of them because they are all working perfectly to solve the problem.

==> Connect your phone to the PC via USB chord
==> Now draw down the notification bar on your device.
There you will see options to select Charging, MTP, etc.

But if this doesn't work for you, kindly follow the second method below.

Second Method
==> Go to Settings> navigate to the bottom to locate Developer Options. If you see it, continue to Step 4
==> Assuming you didn't see the developers option, you have to activate it by going to About phone and open it.
==> Scroll to “Build number” and tap it 7 times continuously until you see “You are now a Developer”, stop and exit.
==> Now return back to your phone's Settings page and go into Developers Options, then you should turn the switch ON.
==> Finally, you can Select the USB Configuration of your choice. That's all for now.

I hope this solves your problem.


  1. Thanks wizy, pls i need link on how to root my infinix note 2 Android 6.0

    1. Download the latest kingroot that roots android 6.0 Marshmallow devices. Download it and see how to root it HERE

  2. Tankz boss wizy I just rooted mine wit it .....pls add me on ur what group chat..09083385669

  3. Thanks for this detailed explanation but i haven't faced any of such issues before.