How To Download Facebook Videos On Android, iPhone, iPad And PC

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest Social Media platform in the world 🌍 for social networking among heavyweight companies, medium industries, startups, one man business owners, politicians, music, movie and football stars, religious organizations and me and you.

In fact, any body that is using an internet enabled phone and he or she is not on Facebook is seen as an outdated fellow. The social media platform has gone from strength 💪 to strength after it was launched more than 11 years ago.
We have enjoyed many interesting features on Facebook including the data call, video call 📞, photo sharing, Facebook groups, pages, Facebook Messenger chats and lots more.

Facebook is even competing with YouTube right now on the video 📹 sharing features. YouTube is the biggest video sharing social media platform at the moment but Facebook is diving into that aspect by providing new improved video options like increasing the length of shared videos and even allowing users to use video as their profile

Unfortunately, users on Facebook are not able to download videos they like in other to watch it later on their phones and that is why i came up with this article on how you can start downloading Facebook Videos that you came across on Facebook to your android devices, ios devices and laptops.

I was using Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download interesting Facebook Videos before now, but that is only achievable on PC but on this article, i will show you three (3) methods you can utilize to use to download any Facebook video to your phone 📱 and PC 💻

This method of downloading videos on Facebook works on all devices and even java phones. It is a similar method used when trying to download YouTube videos on any device. I will show you examples and sites that you can make use of to achieve this simple task. The only thing yku need to do is to copy the link of that particular video you want to download and paste it on the sites i will show you below and the download link 🔗 will be generated for you. Follow me along...

First Example

==> Go to, look at the field and paste the link of the video you want to download as you can see from below screenshot.

==> Now, click on download, the video download link will be provided for you. One interesting aspect is that you can choose to download either normal quality or High definition quality as you can see below. This will help you in times of data management because the higher the video quality, the more data it will consume to download it.

Second Example

Savefrom is popularly known as one of the best sites to download YouTube videos and other videos from many restricted sites and Facebook is not left out as you can equally download Facebook videos via this site. Go to, and insert video link just the way we did at the first example and the download link will popup in different formats for you to choose just as it is displayed in this screenshot

Third Example
Downvids is another useful site for downloading facebook videos. The same process we used earlier applies here. Simply copy the video 📹 link 🔗 from Facebook and insert it on the field as shown in the pics, then click download foe the link to be generated.

Like i said earlier, the above methods works for both PC and mobile phones.


How To Download YouTube Videos On All Devices

Some readers 📖 of this blog asked me to give them a better way to download Facebook videos without visiting other sites and pasting links. After some serious research, i found out this all important tool called Myvideo downloader for Facebook. It is a one-click app that allows you to download any video you like on Facebook with just one click. All you need to do is to download the app and login with your Facebook account details on the app and click on downloads to download all the videos you like.

How To Use The App
Once you are on the download window on the app, tap My videos and choose either Liked videos, videos on your timeline, videos you shared tagged videos or saved posts and choose any Facebook video you like to download and hit the download button. Apart from this app, you can make use of Vidmate. See How To Use Vidmate To Download Videos

iOS users can equally enjoy this without Jailbreaking their devices. All you need is to download video downloader plus from iTunes Store. Open the application on your iPhone or iPad, then login to your Facebook account via the app. Search for any video you want to download and then long tap to select and download the video. That's all.

Now with the above steps, you can easily download that wonderful video 📹 you came across on Facebook and watch later without data.

If you have any question, kindly use the comment box below and we will attend to you.

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