Leaked Photos Of BlackBerry Rome And BlackBerry Hamburg Running On Full Android OS

Blackberry decided to jump into full android OS after making it official that they won't be producing any blackberry OS device again

Sometime ago, Blackberry released a statement that they will launch two android devices later in 2016 and I am here to show you some leaked images of these devices. The phones are named Blackberry Rome and BlackBerry Hamburg respectively.

Blackberry Hamburg
Blackberry Hamburg will be a full screen device running on full android operating system. The dimensions and rendering is seen on the pictures below

Blackberry Hamburg is expected to be priced at $400

Blackberry Rome
Blackberry Rome will be a combination of both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard system to carry along those that prefer physical keyboards to touchscreen.

There is no much information about the price of specs of this device for now.

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Meanwhile, this is just leaked images. Keep in touch as i update you on further developments on this devices.

Do you see blackberry coming back to fight other top android brands? Only time will tell.


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