See How These Students Were Given A Tech Punishment For Coming Late To School

This is absolutely hilarious but interesting. Some students of a technical University were forced to write 📝 1000 emoticons for coming late to school and the pictures of the punishment went viral on the Internet.

According to CNbeta , a university Professor in Chengdu’s University of Electronic Science and Technology made students to serve punishment by writing out a complete 1000 emoticons (‘~`;) for late coming.

Below are some leaked pictures from the punishment 👊

Is this right? Okay, seeing that it is a technical school, it might be a wise punishment which could be a blessing in disguise for those students later in their education carrier.


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  2. Should we really call that punishment?

    It's a blessing in disguise so to say. Those students will end up discovering new things while undergoing the punishment.

  3. Should we really call that punishment?

    No, i don't think so