Volvo To Bring Its Self-driving Car To London

While google is partnering with Ford in manufacturing a driverless car, Volvo is planning to bring their own driverless car to UK to ply on some selected routs.

Drive-free cars are the reigning vehicles now and i see them becoming rampant in few years to come. These cars can travel a number of kilometers on their own without a human being operating them. That's why technology is the best thing that ever happened to mankind.

According to the senior technical leader for crash avoidance at Volvo, Trent Victor
"In autonomous mode, the car can handle all situations that occur," he continued "Going down a stretch of road, the car takes the responsibility for extreme events. If you don't take over, if you just want to do email, the car will take the responsibility and safely stop at the side of the road." Victor said.

Meanwhile, Volvo is not only planning to bring the car to United Kingdom but plans are underway to take it to United States soon though the actual date is not yet made public as at the time of publishing this report.

The Volvo drive me event will also hit Asia and other countries thereafter.


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