See What Opera Replied To Windows Phone Users About New Updates

Am still standing on my ground that Android operating system is the best mobile OS followed by Apple's iOS. BlackBerry is already gone and Windows mobile OS is not as stable as Android although among them all, Android is the most prone to malware and virus attacks.

Opera Mini is seen by many as the best mobile web browser when it comes to speed and data conservation and it is available on almost all platforms including Windows phones, android, ios, java etc.

What is really annoying windows phone users is that android users had received three (3) different app updates since the last time windows phone users got theirs and someone asked opera mini on Twitter about when it will be available and see their response.

This means they have no plans for providing updates to Windows phone users soon.


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  1. Musicplus is not more working . Pls help

  2. That's why i love android devices

  3. Mtn music plus isn't working anymore. Any solutions or alternatives?

  4. I'm also standing on the same grounds with you

  5. If I'm given a Windows phone free of charge, the truth is that i won't accept it.

    Who windows phone epp?