Airtel 3GB Data On Android, PC And Blackberry Is The Best Alternative For Browsing Right Now

This is undoubtedly the worst time for tweakers when it comes to free browsing tweaks as all the doors including windows are shut and locked with very strong and heavy padlocks 😁

Though i am working tirelessly to find solutions and provide new free browsing tweaks at least for guys that have sworn not to spend 5 Naira to subscribe for data. And there is progress in that direction as the tweak am working on will soon be made available for all here.

But while you wait for the next cheat, have you considered other affordable data subscriptions apart from the midnight data plans that are recently launched by our network providers?

Some few weeks ago i posted the airtel BB10 plans that works on blackberry devices but can be tweaked to work on android by changing android IMEI number to that of Blackberry. Guys this BIS plan is real and different from the popular airtel data plan that costs N1500 and zaps data. This one doesn't zap data at all. You get your 3GB data with N1000 and the data will be used normally without double charging or zapping from airtel.

If you check other data plans at the moment, no one is close to this. The closest is MTN 1.5GB which goes for the same N1000. Glo BIS on android now zaps data like hell. So tell me... Which other data offers what this airtel is offering? This is why am suggesting it to you right now while you wait for the awuf data.

Can I Really Use Airtel BB10 Subscription On Android?
The answer is a big YES as long as you can change your phone IMEI, you all set for the 3GB data which is valid for one month. Another plus is that airtel network is one of the best when it comes to fast browsing.

How Do I Activate Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan On My Android And PC?
See the complete guide on how to activate it Here

If you need valid Blackberry 10 IMEI to use for this plan, I have provided a lot of them for you. click Here

I hope this will help and keep you online especially those bloggers and other heavy internet users. 3GB for 1k is cool 😎 for now.


  1. Is it unlimited or its depend on how I use it

  2. Any setting for snokor rocket IMEI changing

  3. Working perfectly, this is what I am using right knowi

  4. Guy u no need IMEI Analyzer before you can use them. I don use about 4 IMEI Wizy posted to do this airtel stuff on four different devices and the are blazing.

    In fact i now collect small money to do it for guys in my area as economic situation no help matter now. No work

  5. can it be accumulated ?

  6. Wizy please how can I tweak my xiaomi redmi 2 imei.

    1. Use the method on this post HERE

      It works with xiaomi redmi devices

  7. Pls wizy how can tweak my Samsung duos imei for airtel 3gig?

    1. To change imei on Samsung.
      Root your device
      Download the latest xposed installer.
      Install the xposed installer.
      Open it and go to framework. Then install/update.
      Then after rebooting. Go to downloads. Search for phone id changer. Download and install it.
      Then go to your xposed installer. Go to modules. Tick the phone id changer. That's all. U can now use the phone Id changer to change your imei.

      Try to be careful with this method as it can brick your phone if not followed properly

    2. Hello John, your airtel 3GB is not connecting because your IMEI have not been changed to that of a BB10 device.

      You made a mistake by subscribing when you haven't tweaked your IMEI

    3. The solution remains to tweak ur imei because it won't work without the imei.

      Alternatively, insert the sim on another android phone (mtk recommended) tweak the imei and start flexing the data.

      Another option is to call airtel and request for refund if your data is still intact. They might refund your money and deduct the data

  8. pls must i root my phone b4 tweaking

    1. If it is an MTK android phone, you don't necessarily need to root it before changing IMEI but if you are using phone like Samsung, it is recommended ypu root it first

  9. oga Wizy, you posted this some days ago, Pls how sure is this because I want to try the airtel #1000 for 4gb.

    moderate data plan which doesn't cost much so i decided to make a list of the cool subscription codesπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

    πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡#don't dull


    For Airtel 4GB
    Follow the below procedures correctlyπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
    First of all you will have to tweak your imei ....

    step 1-πŸ‘‰Tweak-352922051819802

    Now after doing the above procedure πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

    Step 2-πŸ‘‰Buy an Airtel recharge card of 1000 and load it with *555*pin#

    *Note-Do not load with the default number

    step 3-πŸ‘‰#load with *555*

    After loading the airtel
    You will receive a confirmation
    Message of receiving your 1GB
    *Note-your 1000 will still be intact in your Main account balance

    Step 4-Dial *431# to subscribe for BlackBerry plan which cost

    And you can then check your balance
    You will see 4GB present
    #Don't dullπŸ‘†πŸ‘†

  10. 10ks wizy, do we hv any code 2 detect an MKT android atall?

    1. You can easily check it via your phones settings>>about phone

      When you see mediatek, it is the same as mtk.
      Alternatively, u can simply google the specs of ur phone to see it

  11. I have rooted my samsung note 3, i have deodexed the stock rom and xposed is running smoothly, i have even changed the imei but wen i click on abt device, then status, the original imei still shows there which is different form the one shown wen i dial *#06#.

  12. Witzytechs abeg is dis plan still working cos I jus called care to confirm n he told me the plan not working. Thanks