Download Latest Telegram v3.9.0 That Allows You to Edit Sent Messages, Member Mentions, etc

Telegram messenger is the direct competitor to whatsapp messenger and if you take a look and compare the two apps closely, you will notice that Telegram is actually better than whatsapp. The only reason while it seems that whatsapp is better is because many people are not aware of Telegram. In fact, some people don't even know that something like that exists. You can check this 8 reasons why Telegram is better than whatsapp remember that telegram now allows 5000 group members instead of the former 1000 allowed as of last year.

Telegram v3.9.0 features some few changes which includes message editing, name mentioning of any member and addition of chat shortcut to home screen.

New Features On Telegram

=> Group members up to 5,000

=> Ability to edit messages that you mistakenly sent out up to 2 days

=> You can mention group members just as its done on facebook and twitter but in this case you will type @ before the person's name and the person will get notified.

=> Users can now create chat shortcuts as its done on whatsapp

=> Your edited messages will be marked with 'edited' tag. This lets members to know you changed something from the original post.

=> This update allows you to locate contacts easily


Top Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than Whatsapp

Telegram Increases Group Members To 5000

Where Can I Download Latest Telegram App?
Download Latest Telegram V3.9.0 Apk Android App Here

For iPhone and iPad users, download latest telegram app from itunes and enjoy the new features.
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  1. I have tried wsm tools on my tecno r7 and still got there something i need to delete from phone system for xpose installer to work

  2. Currently using the latest version of this app with lots of features

  3. Currently using the latest version of this app with lots of features