Are You Ready For PES 2017?

Gaming is fun and football games are even more fun filled. No wonder a lot of youth are addicted to games like PES, Winning Eleven and FIFA games. Now we are gradually leaving PES 2016 which many people had mixed feelings on how it was setup so i hope the 2017 version fix all those bugs and limitations.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is gossiped to be released in September and will probably be on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC as a minimum. Konami decides to make it like that in order to get in all the last minute player transfers before the football game kicks live.

Who Is Going To Be The Featured Star?
Every edition of the football game always have one player that appears on the cover.
So with EA's FIFA editions featuring Argentinian Wizard Lionel Messi, the PES series has always chosen an alternative to settle for. Last year PES edition starred Neymar Jr but Messi could be on the card to be this years PES 17 featured star seeing that the current world best player's contract with EA expires this year so he could be on the PES 17 cover.

Features Being Expected
> Unfortunately, its gossiped that the game will not be as fast as PES 2016
> However, the pictures are set to be improved; fans, stadia, pitch, players and will get a tremendous upgrade in this edition.
>Weather difference will be upgraded also with more nice visual appealing experience even in winter and summer periods
>Top commentator Jim Beglin is coming back too.

I would like them to focus mainly on the offline game for countries that doesn't have free wifi or cheap fast internet connection to play the game online. More info DailySpy


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A lot of argument has been noticed online among football game players concerning FIFA and PES game superiority just as we see arguments about Messi and C. Ronaldo on daily basis. So which game is your best so far. As for me, i go for PES any day and any time.


  1. Pls could you state good football games that are playable offline, our networks are erratic and online games drain battery much faster.. Thanks.

  2. I love relaxing with a lovely offline game