This Smartwatch Turns Your Skin Into A Touch Screen

Amazing tech innovations keeps on surfacing every now and then. Would You Rock This New Tech That Turns Your Skin To Touch Interface? Yes you heard me right.

According to the research team from Future Interfaces Group they revealed another way to make smartwatches more smarter beyond your imagination. They call it SkinTrack and this turns your skin into a touch screen.

How It Works
The user need to wear a signal emitting ring (chip) and connect a sensing band to the Smartwatch. These two items work hand in hand to ensure that whenever you touch your skin, the smartwatch touch interface will also be triggered even when you are putting on your clothes. Amazing right?

Amazing right? That's wonders of technology anf we are still goibg to see stuffs greater than this in the nearest future.


  1. everything is becoming more easier since we can also charge our phone with burning fire

  2. Amazing tech and i agree with you on the fact that we are gonna see more of advanced technological gadgets.