Business Tip: How To Start Making Money With Your Skills Today

Hello guys its another Friday where I try to expose you to some benefiting business tips. I chose to be dropping business tips on Fridays because i think the best period of the week to think positively about ones future is on weekends because of less work. So after reading the tips here, you can go back to your closet and meditate about it.

However, this site is mainly visited by the youths in Nigeria and the world at large who are desperately in need of guidelines that will take them through the course of this life. The economic situation in the world is not even helping matters and the worst case being the state of dwindling unemployment rate at the moment.

Our various institutions keep churning out graduates every now and then with no plan for sustainable development shemes and implementations. Today's higher institutions are deviating away from tutoring or lecturing students on how to succeed in life through discovering of ones skills. They are more concerned on the revenue they generate from selling of handouts and unscrupulous sorting. Our youth are suffering both the graduates, undergraduates and O'level school leavers and the Government keep promising without fulfilling.

Are you going to continue waiting and hoping that miracle happens tomorrow? Of course miracles do happen but its always better to step out first. Apply a step of faith because heaven helps those who help themselves. While i was in school, one major advice that i always recall was "he who fails to plan, plans to fail". My dear, anytime i remember this, i will quickly adjust and move to the right part immediately.

Without wasting much time, I would like to draw your mind in a very sensitive topic that you shouldn't neglect in life. What am i taking about here? SKILLS. Before going on, lets know what skill means.

What Is Skill?
Skill is the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well.
You can see from the definition that if you check very deep inside you, there must be a God given or acquired skills. Some people are naturally born with some skills (talents) while others develop theirs through skill acquisition programs.

As a young boy back then, i was naturally in love with anything tech. I can't even count how many gadgets i destroyed in the house as a child in my quest to discover what is inside the gadget. I was very adventurous (even now). This led me into electrical wiring and installations and before i could finish my primary school, i had already discovered my career part and talents so i started working on it.

As of 2005, i had already started paying to visit cyber cafes and the only thing i could do online then was to view pictures of electricity and computers on google. I was extremely excited at what i saw and i decided to follow that part of life. Fast forward it to this day. I have acquired so many skills both as an Electrical Engineer and as a Computer Scientists and whether Government Job comes or not, my skills will continue keeping my bank account busy.

How To Discover Yourself And Start Making Money
What am I trying to say here, you too can discover yourself today and start making money from what you know how to do best. It might not be ICT skills but different skills as there are so many of them. Maybe you are good at business or you always like people that are into business. Just wake up. Look around you and find out those stuffs that are lacking in your street or area. There must be necessities that are not readily available or accessible to the people around you. Get those stuffs and start selling them and make money from it.

Do you know that people are rushing into Smart watch ⌚ at the moment? In fact, it is one of the booming and lucrative business now after smartphones. You can buy a lot of them from online stores like Konga, Jumia, Aliexpress, Gearbest etc at discounted price and resale to your friends and colleagues in school and make your gains from there.

Apart from going into business, there are other set of individuals that are more talented in the ICT (ICT gurus) like myself. The world has already shifted to ICT as we are now in computer age. Many people are generating steady income from ICT today and the beautiful thing is that ICT is divers so you can hook yourself into one aspect of it. You can make money as:
✔ an online publisher
✔ freelancer
✔ Blogger
✔ web consulting
✔ website/blog designer
✔ affiliate marketer
✔ operating a cyber cafe
✔ and many more which i will be elaborating here every Friday for interested fellows. Each of the above topics have so many branches and sub categories you can jump into. Do you know there are applications you can download on your phone and start making money from them? Check this article on how to make money from your phone applications

Meanwhile, there are categories of people that lack good physical appearance but inside them, there is an expensive skill embedded. People like Osita Iheme (pawpaw), Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), Bobby Williams etc. These people lacks in natural physical endowment but excelled in intellectual abilities and acting skills which made them popular movie stars today. You can discover yours inner talent and start making some cash with it.

Anyway, i won't forget those that didn't have the opportunity to see the four walls of education. You are not left out my brother my sister. Some of the weathy people of the world didn't finish education and they discovered their talents. Today they are being celebrated. Check inside you. You might be a talented artist, see this beautiful pictures of a Nigerian artist who got interview invitation by CNN recently.

You might also be talented in barbing, footalling, carpentry, mechanics and even at farming. The situation in the country doesn't encourage any one to be ashamed at doing any type of job that will put money inside your pocket. As long as you have decided not to put your mind in bad business. In short, you can do well as your own boss than hoping for another person to hire you.

Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of Facebook and also the owner of Whatsapp started small alone. The facebook app was only used and accessible to college students in his department alone when it was launched but today, it is the most popular social media platform on earth.

I will continue sharing some business tips on this blog for interested ones and we are here to also build wealth discovery for young people. We shouldn't be waiting on our government because it's a waste of time.

I welcome any question and enquiry via the comments box.


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