How To Turn Off Heads-up Notification in Android Marshmallow Smartphones

Heads-up notifications are those intrusive and pesky popups that hits your android lollipop and Marshmallow devices at will. In some cases, these notifications may be important to the user but most times, it's actually more of a nuisance than what it ought to be.

Because of this, many android users globally has been searching for a way to disable the intrusive headup notification but unfortunately, google didn't make a provision to disable or turn it off on android lollipop devices. Although, with the help of an app known as HeadsOff, users were able to get rid of the notification but it doesn't work every time.

Now the good news is that finally, Google have decided to bring a solution to this by now adding the 'disable' feature in Marshmallow so if you are currently using a Marshmallow android smartphone, just follow below steps to turn off heads-up notification on your device (if you don't fancy it like me)

Note that your phone must be running Android Marshmallow before the steps below will work for you.


✔ Open the Settings app; tap on Sound & notification
✔ Tap on App notifications
✔ Tap on the name of the app you want to disable heads-up notification for
✔ Tap on the Allow peeking switch to switch it to the Off position

Once the Allow Peeking switch is grayed out, You are done and you will no longer receive heads-up notifications for that particular app.

Follow the same steps above on any other application you wish to do away with its head up notification.

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