Do You Know There Is A Cheaper MTN 1.5GB Data Plan?

More surprises are coming but MTN decided to make this particular one secrete. I don't know their reason shaaa.

While we are still applauding them for the 1.3GB data plan which goes for N1000, MTN codedly included a 1.5GB data plan at same price. Wow!!! What is going on? Is this the MTN that we used to know before? Am surprised!!! 😱

Well, ask me how i came across this hidden data plan. I was just trying to subscribe to one of the recently introduced monthly data plan on MTN via the *131# code. You won't believe what i saw... I saw another option which is in number one. The option gives you 1.5GB for N1000.

Now tell me, will you still go for the 1.3GB when you can get 1.5GB at same price?

How To Subscribe For MTN 1.5GB Data Plan With N1000

==> First of all, load your MTN line with N1000 airtime

==> After recharging, simply dial *131# and follow the onscreen directions

==> Once you dial *131#, reply with 1 to buy data, and then reply with 3 for monthly data and finally reply with 1 to get the 1.5GB data.

==> Your airtime will be deducted and you will be given 1.5GB worth of data.

How do you see all these new MTN packages? Are they trying to win more customers and later start dealing with us? Or are they doing all this for real? Maybe the change is here😁


  1. Good one Wizy. Thanks for keeping us adequately informed. Cheers.

  2. I did d sub yesterday i was giving 1.53gb. D direct dialing code is *131*106#

  3. Sire how did you make your download speed visible, I updated my hot note and I don't know how to make it visible

    1. If your phone is rooted, install exposed installer and activate speed meter.
      Alternatively, you can easily do it by downloading internet speed meter lite from Google playstore

  4. I believe their burn up rate will be extremely high