How To Root Tecno W4 Marshmallow And Tweak IMEI

Tecno W4 smartphone will forever be in the history book of Tecno mobile because it is the first ever Tecno SmartPhone to be launched with android 6.0 Marshmallow version of android operating system. The device is not yet popular as it supposed to be. Maybe because it is still new as at the time of publishing this post or maybe Tecno is not taking the marketing as serious as they did with other devices of theirs. You can quickly check Features of Tecno W4

Well, it is no longer news that android devices running on Marshmallow are stubborn to root even with the latest version of Kingroot app. The app roots some selected android 6 phones; not all. So i will be providing you with the tools and method to root your tecno w4 device so you can be able to install custom ROMs, change IMEI and other interesting stuffs.

We will be making use of TWRP recovery file which is to be flashed in your device.


==> Download TWRP Recovery file for Tecno W4 here.

==> Download SuperSU file for Tecno W4 here


1. Save the downloaded Supersu to your phone's SD card root, not inside any folder. (memory card)

3. Unzip the TWRP zip file you downloaded using winra or any other zip extracting app/software that you have and flash the recovery image to the phone using SP flash tool ( You can download SP Flashtool here )

See how to use SP flash tool here

4. Restart your phone into TWRP recovery mode (by Holding the Vol Up and Power button for 5 seconds)

5. While In TWRP recovery mode, Choose install zip from sdcard

6. To use zip from sdcard use vol up and down scroll up and down then choose the file from the root of your sdcard.

Now scroll to yes, tap and install, after a successful flashing of this zip, go back and reboot your Tecno W4 phone.

Your phone should be rooted and superuser installed. You can verify the rooting by using root checker app download it from google playstore.

How To Change IMEI Numbers Of Tecno W4
There are two working methods you can use to change your Tecno W4 IMEI. The first method is can be seen on this guide. Click Here

Second method is the use of Chamelephon application. You can download it here.
After downloading, follow my guide below
==> Open the Chamelephon application on your phone,
==> Choose the sim slot you wish to change its IMEI,
==> Type the imei and apply changes.

I advice you to backup your previous or original IMEI number so you can always reverse back to it.

So guys, that's how you can root Tecno W4 and change IMEI also. If you are still having difficulties with the above process, kindly use the comments box to ask your question and am here to guide you.


  1. Oga wizzy i beg i don come again ooo, i tried to upgrade my infinix hote note 1gb/16gb but it shows me Error and since then it has not been on, Even When i still charge it its not On for about an Hour now, abeg help me ooo

    1. Is it not switching ON at all or it stops at booting screen with dead android logo?

    2. Its not Switching ON at all... Even when i plug the charger its not Showing Battery Status..

    3. How can i Unbricked it.... Pls Help me ooooo

    4. See the complete guide on how to unbrick phone HERE

    5. Pls Its telling me is your phone plug in, If the phone is plugged in and everything is fine .. Pls visit Resolution center in order to resolve the issue

  2. Its not switching On at all... Even when is being pluged to charged its not showing charging...

  3. BoSS pleaSe Explain more on flashing the recovery image

  4. BoSS pleaSe Explain more on flashing the recovery image

    1. You download the recovery image of the phone you want to flash it on.
      Remember recovery image is usually 6 to 7mb in size and it is in .img format.

      Save the file in the root of your SD card
      Use mobile uncle tool to flash the recovery image to your phone by booting into recovery. After successful installation, your phone will reboot. With the new recovery image installed.

  5. Admin..

    Is it by using a pc or phone

  6. Based on what I'm seeing online now, the easiest way to root phones now is through flashing of TWRP and supersu

  7. Same method and steps i employed in rooting my Ulefone tiger.