Download Emoji Bible - First Of Its Kind For Reading God's Word With Fun

I call it swagger Bible, 21st century Bible, Modern Bible and anything you can think of. This Bible is the first ever holy book to be written in both text and emoji signs.

It's fun to read and even those that doesn't fancy reading the scriptures will be tempted to start reading it with this fancy Bible. Thanks to the developer who chose to remain anonymous.

This version of the Bible known as Emoji bible interprets the 66 books of the King James Version with emoji. Totalling just under 3,300 pages, it has been codenamed as the “Scripture 4 Millennials” and is available on the iTunes store for $2.99

Where Can I Download It?
Download Emoji Bible From iTunes Here

Unfortunately, this Bible is not yet available for Android users (only iOS devices) but hopefully will be made available for android users soon and I will keep you updated.

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  1. Are we paying before I can download it?
    ITunes is telling me to pay before downloading.

    Any solution to download it for free?


  2. Just wishing that we have the Android version of the Bible

    1. Wizytechs

      Please do you have the link to the Android version?