How To Recover/Reset A Forgotten Apple ID Password

Someone recently asked me via the comment box that he is in a mess after forgetting his Apple ID. So i decided to provide solution to this because i know he is not the only one facing this issue right now and even later in the future.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID password or having trouble signing in to your account, you can simply reset it via the web browser on your iPhone or iPad or use a PC.

It is no surprise that some people forget their ID and in some cases, while trying to reset it and get it back, it becomes worst maybe because they used the double verification method but be it as it may, i will show you how to recover it successfully without facing much troubles. Follow me along.

Just like in the Google's android password recovery, once you can remember the email you used while creating the account or the security question, the job will be a lot easier. And i am utilizing that in this case. Follow the below steps.

First Step
Go to the web browser on your iOS device or PC and visit Google ID account page or just click here

Second Step 
Now on the page, enter your email address which you used while creating your Apple ID and click on the "Continue from" bottom.

Third Step
You will be prompted to the next screen and you will be asked where you want to reset your password and get a mail or you want to answer the Security question and reset the password right way.

Fourth Step
If you select email address then they will send you a password recovery email with instructions and following that email, you can easily reset the password.

However, if you have already set up two-step verification then you need the recovery key that you got while setting up two-step verification. You will also need a trusted device to reset and change the password. If you have forgotten the recovery code by any chance, then you can’t reset the password, it's unfortunate unfortunately.


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Are you still having difficulties signing in to your google account? Let me know the problem you are facing.


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