Download Internet Speed Meter Lite To Monitor Your Data Usage And Speed

Internet speed meter helps you keep track of your mobile data usage, WiFi connection usage, your internet speed and overtime traffic.

Many smartphone users find it difficult to know the actual data (MB) being consumed at a particular time or period but this useful tool will solve that issues for you free of charge.

I came across this app some years back but neglected it because then, i was using exposed installer to tweak and install an internet meter on my phones without downloading any external application from google playstore. Tweaking is fun😁

Anyway not everybody can tweak and that is the reason am introducing this application to you as it is easy to use a d doesn't require any special settings.

How Does It Work?
Once you install the app on your phone, you have already done 98% of the work and your data speed is almost set to start counting on the notification bar of your android phone. Now, immediately your data is switched ON, the internet meter will start reading as you can see from the screenshot below.

The more you download or browse, the more the meter will be reading on the notification area. It also does the same whenever you are connected to a Wifi network. Isn't that cool?

Features Of Internet Speed Meter Lite
==> Real time speed update in status bar and notification.
==> Daily traffic usage in notification.
==> Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.
==> Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.
==> Battery efficient
==> Easy to use
==> It's free

Where Can I Download It?
Download Internet Speed Meter Lite Apk Android App Here

Don't move the app to your phone SD card.
Put the app on ignored list of your battery saving apps. This is to ensure it doesn't "force closes" while in use.

Remember you can also monitor your phone network internet speed by installing speed monitor using exposed installer but before then, your phone must be rooted and probably a custom ROM installed after performing nandroid backup

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