Download Microsoft OneDrive UWP App For Windowa 10 Here For Free

Hi dear, you opened this post probably because you are using Windows 10 or you are intending to start using it or maybe you have a friend that uses it. Well, be it as it may, I have provided the download link for Microsoft OneDrive for you.

Yesterday, Microsoft released a OneDrive UWP (Universal Windows platform) application for users of Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

It is good to note that before the release of this version, only Windows 10 Mobile users had the opportunity to use the OneDrive app on their devices leaving Windows 10 PC users to only use a native sync support in File Explorer that required them to visit OneDrive online anytime they want to view any files belonging to them. You can see its a long process and not cool for that matter.

Features Of Microsoft OneDrive UWP App For Windows 10
Meanwhile this new app is touch-friendly and can be seen as a web version of Microsoft’s cloud storage in a Windows Store app form. This results to providing the same web experience for tablet users also. This new app also let users browse through their OneDrive accounts with no need of synchronization and downloading of all their files or folders separately.

The OneDrive UWP application as well allows windows 10 users to drag and drop files to upload them, ability to easily locate files shared by others, ability to restore files from the drives recycle bin and also access recent documents on the system

Where Can I Download It?
Download Microsoft OneDrive UWP App For Windows 10 Here


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