How To Activate/Subscribe Etisalat 1GB, 1.5GB, 3.5GB, 5GB, 8GB, 10GB Data Plans

Etisalat recently revamped their data subscriptions including allocated data and prices probably to respond to what MTN and airtel is doing though i noticed that MTN new data plans are zapped (not charged the normal way)

Though the newly released data plans by Etisalat were published on this blog but on this post, am making a comprehensive update on the data plans so that you look into them and possibly make the right decision while selecting a better data plan for browsing.


1GB For 500 Naira Data Plan
This interesting data plan is different from the Etisalat weekly 1gb data plan that costs the same price. This particular one is specifically meant for newly bought Etisalat SIM cards. Once your new SIM is registered, you will be eligible for it. It works on all devices and valids for 30 days.

1.5GB For 1,000 Naira Data Plan
This is absolutely good news and a better option from what we use to get before from Etisalat. You can recall that previously, Etisalat users were able to get 1gb with N1000 but now, with the same N1000 you will be given 1.5gb worth of data which valid for one month. If you prefer MTN, remember that they also have this same data package offering 1.5gb for 1000 Naira data plan while you can get as much as 3GB worth of data on your Airtel line with the same 1,000 Naira so the choice is yours to make.

3.5GB For 2,500 Naira Data Plan
Etisalat also revisited this data plan. You can recall that before now, they use to offers 2gb data with 2,000 naira subscription but right now the story have changed as you can use the same 2,000 naira to get data worth 3.5gb. Also MTN have similar data plan but they also offer free/bonus airtime as well as 2gb data at same price. You can check it Here while Airtel offers 4.5gb data plan for 2,000 Naira which is the same prices tag. You see, there are many options to go for depending on the better network signal in your area.

5GB For N6,500 Data Plan
Like seriously? What are they thinking? Why 5GB for 6,500 Naira when i can get 7GB for N4,000. Anyway, that's for them. As form me i don't see the reason to subscribe for this particular data package when there are other options to go for.

8GB for N8000 Data Plan
Another package for the big boys. I don't still decode while Etisalat is placing high price tag on data greater than 5GB unlike what other networks are offering.

10GB For N10,000 Data Plan
Another crazy one probably reserved for the Dangotes and Emeka Ofor

1GB For N500 Data Plan
Etisalat is offering 1GB weekend data plan that costs N500. This internet data package is to be used only on weekends. Remember airtel have similar data package but with better offers. Checkout airtel 1gb for 100 Naira data plan

Etisalat Data Plan And Subscription Codes Plus Prices And Validity Period

✔ To Subscribe to 1GB for N500, dial *229*2 *2# and it's valid for 30 days

✔ To Subscribe to 1GB for N500, dial *5995*2# only usable on weekends

✔ To Subscribe for 1.5GB for N1000, dial *229*2*7# valid for 30 days

✔ To Subscribe for 3.5GB for N2,000 dial *229*2*8# valid for 30 days

✔ To Subscribe for 5GB for N6,500 dial *229*2*3# valid for 30 days

✔ To Subscribe for 8GB for N8000 dial *229*2*5# valid for 30 days

✔ To subscribe for 10GB for N10,000 dial *229*2*5# valid for 30 days


How To Get 6GB On Your Glo Line With Just N1,000

So guys, there you have them. Manage any of them as we work on new free browsing tweaks which is going to be released soon here.


  1. Nice 1 Oga Wizy. Is inappropriate for me to ask dis question here, but I hav no option. Pls can i tweak my Samsung duos imei to enable ne enjoy airtel 3gig?

    1. God bless u Oga Wizy. I did changed d imei. But am surprised dat all d two imei of my Samsung duos became dsame. Is it ok lyk dat?

  2. Tenx my oga for this information. Really helpful

  3. oga Wizy, you posted this some days ago, Pls how sure is this because I want to try the airtel #1000 for 4gb.

    moderate data plan which doesn't cost much so i decided to make a list of the cool subscription codesπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

    πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡#don't dull


    For Airtel 4GB
    Follow the below procedures correctlyπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
    First of all you will have to tweak your imei ....

    step 1-πŸ‘‰Tweak-352922051819802

    Now after doing the above procedure πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

    Step 2-πŸ‘‰Buy an Airtel recharge card of 1000 and load it with *555*pin#

    *Note-Do not load with the default number

    step 3-πŸ‘‰#load with *555*

    After loading the airtel
    You will receive a confirmation
    Message of receiving your 1GB
    *Note-your 1000 will still be intact in your Main account balance

    Step 4-Dial *431# to subscribe for BlackBerry plan which cost

    And you can then check your balance
    You will see 4GB present
    #Don't dullπŸ‘†πŸ‘†

    1. No Sir. I never published such. Post published here are tested and working tweaks and plans

  4. Oga wizy pls how can i change Sony Xperia imei for airtel 3gb

    1. Its easy if you apply the trick right.
      Download and Install XPOSED INSTALLER
      Download and Install IMEI CHANGER from the exposed modules.

      Then reboot your phone and launch the imei changer app.
      Now you can easily change your imei from the onscreen guide.

      Remember to reboot your phone again after tweaking the imei for it to take effect.

      This method works work all sony xperia devices, Samsung phones, LG and even some MTK devices like gionee M2