100 Million Calls Are Made On WhatsApp On Daily Basis - Report

Since the introduction of voice calls on WhatsApp, phone calls has taken a new dimension in the sense that most people (especially youths) decide to make use of the golden opportunity to save cost as it doesn't charge money from your airtime, instead it uses your data or wifi connection.

Whatsapp in a blog post this week, announced that "there are 100 million voice calls which take place on whatsapp everyday, which amount to 1,100 calls every second", that's really huge.

Although i believe that just a fraction of this number are from Africa as the kind of bad network reception 📶 in this area is alarming. Most locations struggle to have a good 3g network which is fairly good for voice calls while in western world, the have already forgotten 3g and moved to stronger 4g LTE. I heard America is also launching a more higher network with blazing speed. Maybe it will be called 5g.


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Am saying this because WhatsApp calling in Nigeria is very annoying but not like that in other countries. They should do something about it ASAP.

Have you ever used WhatsApp calling features? What was your experience and which network did you use. Let's here from you.


  1. WhatsApp calling feature is something which i have not done before due to our epileptic network