How To Use YouTube Red Free Of Charge Without Subscription

As I stated earlier on my previous post on YouTube Red, in this post, I will show you a tutorial on how to use it free of charge.

YouTube Red is a service YouTube(Google) created that gives users more advanced features and adfree experience while on youtube. Initially, this service wasn't available for Nigerians but later, Google decided to bring it to Nigeria. Meanwhile, there is a major drawback to this service - which is the subscription tag on it. Users are subjected to subscribe for the service monthly in other to use it but the good news is that as long as you are reading this post, you don't necessarily need to pay a dime in other to flex YouTube Red services.

✔ AdFree YouTube experience
✔ Videos background Playback
✔ And Save Offline Functions
✔ Ability to get original youtube contents

1. Xposed Installer installed on your phone
2. YouTube background Playback module
3. YouTube AdAway module.
4. A rooted Android device (See how to root your phone here and here

If u don't have xposed installer on your rooted device please download below because these modules won't work unless your phone is "Xposed".

1. Download xposed Installer for Android 4.4 Kitkat here


Download Xposed installer for Android 5.1 lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow here

2. After Installing Xposed on your device, launch the app and go to Framework

3. In "framework", click on install/update and you'll be prompted to Reboot your device.

4. Reboot it and after that, Xposed should be successfully installed.

5. Now to install the modules on your phone, go to MODULES in xposed and Activate them by ticking on them.

6. Restart your phone again and open the newly installed YouTube app, and experience YouTube Red on your Phone.


Download Cloud VPN For Browsing

Download WizyTechs App For Free Browsing Updates

Download Netflix VPN App

With this simple trick, you should be using and enjoying all the wonderful features in YouTube red free of charge without subscription. Feel free to Share This Post and let others enjoy too.


  1. Pls can u post the direct link for lollipop. Dere are so many links in the one u posted. Thanks.

  2. Am using lollipop 5.1 XUI. Will that xpose for lollipop still work?

  3. Does it use mb for watching?

  4. Bro please i need recovery image for TECNOY4...... Thanks

  5. Oɢa Wɨʐʏ,tɦaռҡs ʄօʀ ʊʀ ɛʋɛʀʏ tɨʍɛ. Aʄtɛʀ ɨ ɨռstaʟʟɛɖ ɖ ʄʀaʍɛաօʀҡ aռɖ ʀɛstaʀt ʍʏ քɦօռɛ. Wɦɛռ ɨ ċɦɛċҡɛɖ ɖ ʍօɖʊʟɛ ɨt աas ɛʍքtʏ քʟs աɦat ɖօ ɨ ɖօ.
    I aʍ ʊsɨռɢ tɛċɦռօ ɮօօʍ ʝ7 4.4.2 version

  6. what abt android 4.0.3

  7. What about the modules.. How do we get them

  8. What about the modules.. How do we get them?

  9. Can it work on the glo network?
    Now that their network refuses to switch on with airtime or data

    1. The subscription in this context is the YouTube Red subscription not data subscription.

      On a regular occasion, you need to pay to use YouTube Red just as you do on Netflix but with this trick you use it for free.

  10. You have already said earlier that Google did not want to bring the service to Nigeria before, cam you blame them? See what has happened (they got hacked) I am proud to be a Nigerian jaweh

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  12. Here’s another dose of useful tutorials for your YouTube hungry soul.

  13. I followed all the steps listed above but mine is not connecting at all, must I have data before it will connect nor is it specifically for which network?.. Someone will help out

    1. Bro u need internet data to watch YouTube red but this trick shows you a way to have access to YouTube Red without subscription.

      Remember normally u have to subscribe for YouTube red before you will have access to its premium features which includes ads free services.