Air Battle: Lenovo Release Its Own Air 13 Pro laptop After Xiaomi Launched Mi Notebook Air

It has really been a war at the tail end of this month as many smartphone and PC brands especially in China struggle for power 💪. We have seen a lot of new device injected in the market just this week alone.

Imagine few hours after Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Notebook Air, their fellow Chinese counterparts Lenovo announced a laptop which the called "Lenovo Air 13 Pro"; Having almost the same specs and lightweight as the Mi Notebook.

Key Specs Of Lenovo Air 13 Pro Laptop
The Air 13 Pro is powered by Intel I5-6200U processor and features a 13.3-inch IPS display and has 4GB RAM and 256GB internal storage capacity. It uses a 2GB NVIDIA GT940MX graphics card an also a new fingerprint recognition functionality.

Weighing at just 1.29kg, (slightly heavier than Mi Notebook) and having a thickness of just 1.48cm. The device is sleek and adorable in outlook.

What Is The Price?
The Air 13 Pro is priced at RMB 4,999 which is roughly $750
Do you know what? It is exactly the price of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air costs.

Where Can I Get It?
At the moment, the laptop is currently up for pre-registrations in China. Will get to other locations soon.


China... Oh my China

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