Comparing: See Result of Ntel 4G LTE And MTN 4G LTE Speed Test

As we are stylishly moving over to the next planet of ultra fast 4G network in Nigeria, network providers have started adjusting to the new era as no one wants to remain in the dark. Ntel stormed Nigeria few months ago with their 4G LTE services which is now in available in Lagos, Abuja and Nasarawa State

In the other hand, MTN announced its own 4G LTE network services but the question now is which of the two networks provides the fastest download and uploading speed with 4G connection?

Well, after running the test on both networks, i must confess that MTN is simply joking. What i saw as their download speed and upload speed made me think twice if they really know what they are doing. Maybe it's just a joke but let's be serious here. Ntel beat MTN by a very wide margin when it comes to speed. Just take a look at these "screenshots below for the 4G LTE network speed test:"

Ntel 4G LTE Speed Test Result
From the screenshots you can see that ntel network recorded 55.13Mbps in download speed and 24.40Mbps in upload speed.

MTN 4G LTE Speed Test Result
MTN really disappointed. Sometimes i even think if this is actually a 4G or 3G service. Yes i know that there are various categories of 4G network; even the lowest category, i think won't record this. The download speed is 14.19Mbps while the upload speed is just 1.81Mbps (too poor i must say)

Let's just do as if we didn't see this and hope MTN do something fast about it or it could be a bad business for them in the long run. Nigerians want and deserve the best from these network operators.


  1. When did mtn introduced 4g, i think they just announced that they will. To my knowledge they have not

  2. The 4G that we have in this country is similar to the 3.75G that other countries are having.