Beware Of Dangerous Android Phone Malware Called HummingBad

According to reports, HummingBad is another new android malware that is attacking and infecting android devices at the moment. It had already infected over 10Million Android devices all over the world and it makes around $300,000 (£232,000) Monthly for its creator. Imagine!

How Hummingbad Virus Works
It is a rootkit malware that installs itself deep inside someone's phone’s operating system to make is hard to detect and by so doing, it gives its creators overall control over the your cellphone.
When the malware is on a person’s phone, it installs apps without your consent and monitors your activities on your phone codedly. It also generate clicks for ads on your phone which is the major method it earns money for the owner.

How To Know if Your Android Cellphone is Infected By HummingBad Malware
1. Your phone starts showing strange advertisements
2. You start running out of data more quickly than before
3. You start receiving unnecessary system updates frequently while other people using the same make of phone is not receiving
4. Some unusual pics appearing on your phone
5. Constant prompts to install a new app
6. Finding apps on your phone which you didn't install
7. Finally, your battery start draining much quicker.

How To Protect Your Android Phone From Being Infected By Hummingbad Malware
You can use any of the below security apps.
1. Download Avast anti virus
2. Download CM security
3. Download Lookout Security Sofware
4. Or use 360 Security software and they will detect the presence of the Malware. Remember to always update your Antivirus apps.

How To Remove Hummingbad Malware From Your Phone
Too bad. The malware is very dangerous and hard to remove that's why Antivirus apps and software can't remove it. They only detect but can't delete so the best option is to factory reset your infected android phone.

How To Reset Your Phone
1. Create a backup of the data and content on your phone or tablet.
2. On your infected phone or tablet, tap on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset. The location of Backup and reset will differ on various Android phones and tablets, but it will be relatively easy to find.
3. Tap Reset phone or Reset device. Your device will reboot in Recovery mode and will start wiping your infected phone or tablet.
4. Once your phone or tablet reboots you can start the setup of your HummingBad-free device.


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Another Method which works very fine is to flash custom ROM of your phone and the malware will be gone for good. Stay safe!


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  6. But why do people always take pride in coming out with malware

  7. But why do people always take pride in coming out with malware