Confirmed: Say Goodbye To WhatsApp On Blackberry OS Devices

It's unfortunate blackberry users have no other option than to ditch out their lovely baby because i believe no one would be happy using a smartphone with no support for WhatsApp.

Even the owners of Blackberry has disowned their Operating System so why are you still boasting with a BB. Three years ago, i predicted that android would take over the world. I also said that android is better than blackberry OS and so many people countered me especially when i made comment about it on Nairaland.

Fast forward it to now - the Blackberry OS is now an outdated tech that no one would even accept if given freely as android has beaten it hands down. From numerous applications to choose from to easy customization and tweaking... Android is just dope.

Since the beginning of this year, news has spread of the disabling of WhatsApp on Blackberry devices and some took it serious while others neglected it but right now, the warning is increasingly uncomfortable for BB users. To see if this is true, just try and update your WhatsApp if you are using a Blackberry device and see whether it will work again.

The official statement says that by 31st December 2016, Whatsapp will be completely disabled on all devices running on Blackberry OS.


  1. soon linux wil lunch there own OS so i believe android will be useless blackberry..... take it or leave it vision 2020

    1. Useless vision, u think in that ur small brain that Google will fold their arms and watch common Linux take over in just 4 yrs ur are brain dead my frnd

    2. Lmao! Guy, last last you're the the one that has a small and uninformed brain... Do u even know what Linux is? The 'whole' Google you're here praising is an OS based on Linux/GNU, You are there calling it common.. Linux is not your mate, neither is it Google's mate, put some respeckt on it. Go and do your research and stop swimming in ignorance and disgracing yourself up and down.

  2. Baba nobi fight na this is just to notify bb user @thanks wizy

  3. Does that mean there would be o BIS subscription again???


  4. No wonder their manager dey dish out free phones the other day