DealZone: Get MTN 7GB Data For Just N2000 Naira Via Tech+ 100% Bonus

E don happen. If you have been observant recently, you would notice the series of adverts about Techplus all over the Internet including Facebook, blogsites, forums and even applications. This week, MTN introduced this new data plan at the Africa's biggest technology event in Lagos State Nigeria powered by TechPlus.

Without writing much about the event, let me just go straight to the main point which i believe must interest you. We all are aware that before now you can only get 3.5GB worth of data for N2000 but now, with the same N2000, you get a whooping 7GB data for Internet browsing in "MTN Dealzone" . Thanks to the Tech+ event and the partnership.

The plan is absolutely cool and something closer to the Glo N2500 for 10GB data plan and i know you will like it. All of us has been yarning for huge data allocation with cheaper prices and it's gradually coming into fulfillment.

So if you think you value data more, this plan is for you. Let's just hope it doesn't "zap".

Will MTN Dealzone Data Plan Work On My Phone?
This data package works on any device as long as the device has internet connectivity functions. Ranging from
All Nokia phones
All Symbian phones
Windows phones
Android devices
PC (with modem or Hotspot tethering)

To Know if your SIM Is eligible for MTN Tech+ 100% Dealzone Data that offers overload data of 7GB for N2000, don't recharge your phone yet with airtime. Just send 2016 to 131 in an SMS and if you receive a reply that "you don't have insufficient balance..." congrats! It means your SIM is eligible for the offer. Just go ahead with the subscription.

How To Subscribe To MTN TechPlus 7GB For #2000

1. Recharge your MTN line with N2000

2. Send 2016 to 131 and you'll receive a message that you have been credited with "7GB on Tech+ 100% Dealzone."

What Is The Validity Period?
I don't know why MTN did it like this. In some SIM, it is a month while for others it can be two months and even "6 months". So it's not same for everyone.
You can see from the below screenshots, one expires after a month while the other one is till next year.

That's how you can "activate" or subscribe to the 7GB MTN data plan on dealzone.

Meanwhile, do you know you can even get more data with the same N2000? In fact you can get 9GB worth of data with just N2K. alright let me reveal it to you.

Am sure you know of the MTN "WOWweekend data bonus" offer which gives subscribers awoof 100MB when you recharge with N200; recharge with N500 and above, you will get 1GB so with the recharge of N2000, you get 2GB plus the 7GB dealzone data, it will total 9GB


Cheapest Data Plans On All Nigerian Networks And Subscription Codes

However, the 2GB WOWweekend data is omly usable at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

Advantages Of MTN TechPlus Data Plan
=> It is an official data plan
=> It doesn't require any form of tweaking with VPN apps like Tweakware, Psiphon, netify, SlowDNS, Netloop and the rest
=> You can still get other bonuses with the same 2k you spent on the data
=> It works on all internet enabled devices

How do you see this data plan? Is it the best from MTN? Let's just hope it doesn't zap. It is really a good value for money spent.


  1. just hope dat the 7gb is nt d same as 3gb..

    cos mtn sabi zap persin MB

  2. Now this is what i call real data bonus. MTN i hail

  3. Am like Wow

    Mtn is real good at hit

    Thanks very much bro

    ur good

  4. Your operation fail due to insufficient balance hope am gud to go with that reply from mtn

  5. does it work in any prepaid plan?

  6. Sorry pls!! Is it a 30days plan or more cos d expiring date I saw from the first screen shot pushed me to dis question... Thanks sir

    1. It varies. The one i did in the morning was one month for the validation period and i just did another one now and its validity period is two months.
      Meanwhile someone else did and his was six months. You see, it varies

  7. Pls is it for 1 month or more cos the expiring date I saw in first screen shot is confusing me

  8. pls, baba wizy, which app. will i download in other to hide my phone I.P .the one am using does not connect to my laptop when i switch my hotspot on. but if i disconnect the app my hotspot starts working.secondly if one is browsing tru hotspot,is it the phone or laptop I.P. that is being displayed?

    1. Download "hideman" VPN from Google playstore to achieve that. It works really good.

      As for your second question, the visible IP is ur laptop IP not the phone you tethered from

    2. Tanx baba WIZYTECH

  9. ...this offer has been discontinued!!!
    above message from MTN after sending 2016 to 131.

    1. Yes it was actually a promo ant it has ended