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Am sure most of us still remember "Nokia". In fact, Nokia phone still holds the honor of being the most sold mobile phone brand in the world. You can read this article about world's most sold mobile phones and you will see phones like Nokia 1100 recording a massive 250 million sales.

However, when Android entered the smartphone market, it displaced other OS like java, symbian, Blackberry etc and after all the shakings, Nokia is trying to come out again in full force to fight but this time they have decided to join the winning party (Android OS) 😁 as they fought with Symbian Armies and lost, they also fought with Windows mobile militants with their Lumia ammunitions and also lost woefully. Now they have surrendered and want to work hand in hand with the Champions.

Nokia next generation smartphone in which HMD Global Oy confirmd is currently being worked on in the lab and the devices will will be launched under the umbrella of Nokia brand name.

Below Are Features To Expect From Nokia 7.0 Android Devices

1. Nokia is currently working on 2 high-end Android phones that are coming with premium metallic design and the famous Nokia feel.

2. The two smartphones will run the latest Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

3. While one of them is going to be smaller in screen display size of around 5.2-inch, the other one is coming with a slightly bigger display size of 5.5-inch.

4. These two smartphones will come with water / Dust resistant IP68 ratings.
5. Nokia has been silently working to improve its Z-Launcher UI all the while in background and the final product may have elements of Touch & hover interaction.

6. Fingerprint scanner may be part of the high-end features on these two.

Nokiapoweruser reports that the sensors on the two Nokia Android phones may be the most sensitive ever and will be based upon Nokia’s extensive research on wonder material “Graphene”.

When Is The Release Date?
As of now, there is no specific date announced yet by Nokia or their partners but it's believed to be at the end of this year or early Next Year


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Are you ready for the revamped Nokia devices? For me, i can't wait because that name NOKIA is something else to me. Remembering the days of opera mini tweaking via java nokia phones, then comes symbian tweaks. Omoh... No be today.


  1. They cannot break into the market again

  2. Omo no be 2day my broda.. Those good old days.. ☺

  3. Nokia na the most trusted brand in terms of durability and long life. make dem come back again

  4. Nokia has really staged a nice welcome back but they need to improve upon their marketing strategies