Facebook Messenger Records Massive 1,000,000,000 (1Billion) Users Per Month

If you watch closely, you will notice new floating balloon 🎈 gifts on Facebook Messenger app once someone sent you a balloon emoji while chatting. This is the way Facebook is celebrating the huge achievement.

Now, all the three Facebook empires (Facebook app, WhatsApp and now Facebook Messenger) now have 1Billion monthly users each. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg might surpass Bill Gate Later in the future the way am seeing him. He is a confirm business guy and he is wise. Remember he secretly made Facebook Messenger a compulsory app before you can chat on Facebook thereby drawing almost all Facebook account holders to download the messenger app and now he has achieved his goal. That's great business


  1. Congrats to Mark Zuckerberg and to the entire Facebook team.

    Facebook didn't allow complacency to creep in, as they never stopped releasing new features like; using video clips as dp, Facebook camera, using videos as comment replies and many more to come (like face-swap, just like snapchat)

    This is a very well deserved result. Atleast the messenger users are enjoying end-to-end message encryption. Wish them them the best.

    facebook features!

  2. And if that number is translated into cash, why won't he become the richest man