How To Convert Black And White Pictures To Colored

Is it possible? Yes of course it is possible to convert a black and white photo to colored photo. Most of us are familiar with some of the mobile and PC apps used in converting our colored pictures to black and white because it's fun and somehow creative but have you ever imagined doing it the other way round?

It might look impossible but the truth is nothing is actually impossible as long as technology exist. Last time i gave you guys an app that transforms your picture into a world class art although it uses data to work. This time around am revealing another weird method that is not popularly known. Thanks to it is a service that lets you "convert black and white pictures to colored".

How It Works
The site uses the Algorithmia API technology called Colorful Image Colorization – this is a computer base vision algorithm equiped on a million images from the Imagenet dataset. In other words, it utilizes deep learning to automatically colorize your black & white photos; hence, giving life to old photos by automatically adding colors to them.

How Can I Colorize My Black and White Pictures?

=> It is very simple, just visit the site HERE.

=> Upload any black & white picture of your choice.

=> Relax and see how the magic unfolds

It uses data for photo processing and the output color might not be so natural or lively as a real natural color most times but it's still a very good way to add live colors to black & white images.


  1. With science and technology, nothing is impossible anymore

  2. With science and technology, nothing is impossible anymore