Twitter Night Mode Now Available, See How To Activate It

Just like you see on UC Browser and some other apps that makes use of night mode, Twitter has included the feature to respond to massive requests from users to include it. Now twitter users can easily "activate night mode" while using their twitter app at night or in dark areas to protect the eyes from rays of light.

You know the default twitter background is white and it do affect many people at night. This update is available for all android users at the moment.

How Can I Activate It? Twitter's Android

=> Head over to google playstore and download or update your twitter app

=> Once you launch the app and sign in, you should see the new toggle located at the navigation menu

=> Now toggle it by sliding it out from the left or tapping on your profile photo.

It's a new feature that is being currently rolled out. If you haven't seen yours yet, chill and check later in the day or next day. Once you "enable Night Mode" you will see a dark blue hue. This feature can be of immense help to those using devices with AMOLED screens as it will help them consume less power than they normally does.

Does Facebook also have this feature? Answer is left for you... Lol 😁

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  1. I love this feature being introduced by Twitter cos it's so cool to the eyes