Techy Football: Zuckerberg Challenged Neymar In Keepy-Uppy Contest

Am you are not aware of the hidden football game in Facebook Messenger App. Lol 😁 now you know. Anyway, Billionaire Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg just took Barcelona's star Neymar to a digital version of "keepy-uppy" football game via Facebook Messenger. The game works like this; the player need to keep the ball on the air by continuously tapping their smartphone screen.

After the game, Mark uploaded a video on YouTube and also said
“I think I’ve got a good shot, because this is all about using a phone, and some strong solid thumbs, and I think I’ve got that on him [Neymar]”
You can watch the video below
At the end, the Facebook CEO scored 37 while Neymar managed to score just 29.
Neymar also uploaded the video on Facebook. Watch below

This simply means that digital world is a complete different ball game to the real world as Neymar couldn't leave it expectation. But am sure this is a good marketing strategy by Facebook to draw the attention of the world hence creating awareness that such game exists on Facebook Messenger app.


  1. Let them take it to the real football pitch with other players

  2. I can't stop laughing at this my above comment.