Duplicate Photo Fixer App Review - Features And How It Works

Duplicate Photos Fixer: An App to Offer You Additional Storage Space In Few Simple Steps
Having sufficient storage space on any device say it a laptop, computer or on a phone is a next big challenge after having a decent device itself. To deal with the situation Systweak offers an amazing app to provide you that extra storage space, which you consider as a prized possession.
“Duplicate Photos Fixer” app helps you to scan, find and delete all duplicate and similar looking photos in the very simple process. Using this App, you can recover some valuable storage space for your device.

How does it work?
It scans folders and files on your device for duplicate or similar looking photos and helps you to eliminate these duplicate photos to clean some valuable space. It also helps you scan and remove duplicate photos from your external storage device as well.


Multiple scanning options:
Camera Images: This type of scan helps you to select all the photos taken by the camera of your device.

Full Scan: Here you can scan your complete device for duplicate and similar looking photos from internal and external storage space both.

Select folder: In this type, you can restrict your folders or files for the scan. You can choose the folders you want to do a scan for.
Once you have selected the photos to be scanned, click ‘Scan for Duplicates’ button to start scanning for duplicate photos on your device. It will scan the duplicate photos according to the criterion set by you and display the results. You can delete multiple versions of the duplicate orsimilar photos according to the results found based on the scan. 

Other features:
Matching level:
Set the matching criterion for the images you want to scan. Set it from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ to scan for similar or exact looking photos. Matching range varies in between 86% to 99.99%, whereas Default level stands at 91%.

Unmark All:
Using this feature you can unmark all the duplicate photos from all the groups first to manually select the groups you want to delete.

Clear Cache:
Use this feature to delete all data created in the background by this app. You can find this feature in the Settings of the app.

Social connect:
If you have liked the app you can recommend it to your family or friends using this feature on different social media platforms, via email or SMS.

Use this feature to search in your language. This app supports multiple languages to help users around the world.

Strongly recommended:
“Duplicate Photos Fixer” is an ultimate source to gain some additional space on any of your device by removing duplicate photos from it. When Photos and other media files occupy a lot of your storage space than it becomes viable to delete those duplicate photos from your device to gain some extra space.  This app supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

To delete these duplicate photos, either you can manually scan and select the files you want to delete or you can simply download this amazing app to reduce your workload. 
I hope this app help you get additional storage space in your devices.


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