Microsoft Now Pays People To Use The Edge Browser & Bing Search

Microsoft announced that it is restructuring the former "Bing rewards" to Microsoft rewards – a platform that will pay you to use the Edge browser and Bing.

Wait! Before you get over excited, this offer is not yet available for Africans but anything can happen on nearest future in regards to its extension to users in Africa.

People who uses Edge browser and who signed up for "Microsoft Rewards", which is currently US-only stuff, would be awarded points just for using the browser.

You might ask how possible it is? Now here is the catch; Microsoft would actively monitor whether you are using the program for up to 30 hours a month, you also have to make Bing as your default search engine to earn points. The Points you accumulated can then be traded in for vouchers or credit for places such as Starbucks, Skype, Amazon and ad-free

I know the battle is really tuff between Google and Microsoft. It hasn't been so easy for any other competitors competing with any Google products as they seems to have the upper hand. Let's see if Microsoft can win the heart of some people through this offer.

Although, i believe they can't achieve this by making the service available to only United States residents. If they are really serious to get more people to use their web browser and search engine, they should extend it to other countries and also make the Edge browser available on older windows version and not just windows 10.

I think one of the problems the Edge browser has is that it’s only limited to Windows 10, make this available to all, then watch the numbers triple.


  1. You have nailed it on the head in the last paragraph

  2. The said browser should be made available in all the windows but I'm still of the opinion that so many won't still use it

  3. We have so many other browsers with great features like chrome and Firefox