How To Hide Files In The SD card Of Android Phone- The Easiest Method

A lot of us download so many stuffs in our android devices both useful and non useful stuffs and you have wondered within you on how to hide those stuffs from other people's eyes.

Yes it's true that there are many apps that you can download and they will just do the magic but those apps has their own disadvantages like eating up your phone memory and even slowing down your phone operating speed. Apps like CM locker, vault, video locker, photo locker, etc does this perfectly but in this post, i will show you a simple trick that you can apply to "hide your files and folders" without installation of any third party app.

How Can I Hide Files On My Phone?

=> Go to file explorer or file manager.

=> Create a new folder with the name "hidden" (you can name it anything else)

=> After creating the folder, now move or cut all your files you want to hide there

=> After that, rename the folder to ".Hidden"

Immediately, the folder will disappear
So if a stranger is operating your phone, he or she won't be able to see the hidden folder unless the person is also a geek.

To view the disappeared folder, just goto that file manager enable the "show hidden items" function just as you can see from the screenshot below.

That's it. It is the simplest way to hide your files or any folder 📁 from the eyes of people who might get in touch with your device.


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Unfortunately, this method is not the perfect solution or method to completely hide your files as some files might nickodemously sneak out and appear on the gallery. This normally happens in some Infinix phones. So it's not perfect sometimes but it's really a great step to securing your important and private stuffs.


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