Owerri: This Keke Man Picked And Returned Recharge Cards Worth N80,000 - Gets Rewarded

Who says there are no good Nigerians? Who says all Nigerians are corrupt? Who says he joined robbery and trafficking because of hardship? Here is a very good and gentle Nigerian Keke Napep operator who found a purse containing recharge card worth N80k and returned it to Zanders FM which is one of the radio stations in Imo State. Below is the report from Zanders FM.

"His name is Mr Akpan Nsikak from Cross River State (calabar), he is a keke operatoroperator in Owerri.

About a week ago, he found a purse containing recharge cards of all the network providers in Nigeria worth about N80,000 forgotten by a passenger in his keke.

He brought it to zanders 105.7fm studio and we announced it (not mentioning the content of the purse). Few days later and elderly woman came, identified and claimed the purse and it's content.

Now here is the big deal about this whole story: Mr Akpan Nsikak owns a rickety keke that needs major repairs. Whit that amount of money, he would have fixed his keke, and had some extra money to flex around with.

But he chose to return it to the owner.

The C. E. O of zanders 105.7fm Owerri and zanders foundation decided to honour Mr. Akpan Nsikak today.

Mr Akpan Nsikak got a cash gift of N10,000 a one year house (self contained) rent in Owerri town. (as he lives at akabo) at the moment. He also got an electronic Kettle from the Noble Women Association, his decapitated keke was fixed.

He will also have a night (all expenses paid for) at the prestigious New Concorde Hotel Owerri)."

We still have many good and loyal Nigerians even in the face of hard economy. Nigeria is not as bad as labeled by foreigners and even citizens.


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