How To Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are known to be main heartbeat of a content/page, just as the content quality is vital you must also be worried about your page bounce rate.

Imagine you researched thoughroughly on a content and you made up your own words about it then after putting up the post, you will need to check how people are responding to the content, on noting this you found out that people are getting off or bouncing back quickly,that means something is wrong somewhere , instead of being perplexed you need to dig out whats going on.

What's Bounce Rate Actually

When a user or visitor lands on your website page but leaves the page in nothing less than 10secs thus not clicking on any other links he is said to have bounced back.

According to research the highest bounce rate should have is 80% anything higher than that is bad, though when looking at great sites like wikipedia they have a high bounces rate and it doesn't affect their rankings on search engine result pages this is due to quick facts and statistics people only used them for.

How To Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Loading Speed:

Try making your website loading speed as fast as usain bolt, you can't expect a user who desperately / hurriedly need an info to wait over a minutes on loading your site where other competitors need clicks, This might even lower your ranking on search engine when your page ctr is low.

Write A Comprehensive And Quality Post:

Actually, if a visitor finds what he really needed or he had been longing for on your website there is no reason for him to bounce off the page even he will be interested in checking out other interesting pages on your site thus increasing your visibility rate on search engine.

Remove All Intrusive And Pop Ups Ads

Even me as a webmaster whenever i load a page and it evolve out a big pop up ad i will hit the back button immediately when other pages are hungry for clicks.

Those pop up ads is not only unprofessional but also intrusive, you can't expect real website like wikipedia to be engage in using pop out ads, this cannot only increase your bounce rate but also reduce your visibility rate on search engines.

Internal Links

Internal links are links linking to other pages on your website , Using this idea might reduce your website bounce rate as it will not only increase your site pageviews but also increase your visibility rate on serp just make sure your suggestions are related to their queries

Your Page Design

That might sounds unnecessary but it's a number one factor in reducing your bounce rate and maintaining user experience, imagine you used a black design and your text are blue in colour this might not look appaling to eye even if i site any bad design and i can't read the words clearly i bounced off the page at once.

Employ The Use Of Bucket Brigades

This might sound new right:

You will be wondering what bucket brigades really is , its a phrase written intelligently by you so as to keep visitors

Thats Sounds Impressive Right:

I knew you will notice i'm using words ending with a colon, thats a bucket brigade just like the one bolded above

Whenever you are writing a content and you noticed a part that might seems awful to visitor try applying a bucket brigade.

Below Are The List Of Bucket Brigade You Can Use You Can Also Try Yours

The Best Part Is:


Here is the Punch:

It Sounds Crazy Right:

Here Is The Deal:

Applying this method might thrill your visitor to keep staying on your page thus reducing that specific page bounce rate.

Thanks for reading, you can also drop your own working  tactics you do use to keep people on your site in the comment box.

Author: Ayandoye Pelumi Olawale

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