Introducing Fast.Com Internet Speed Test App From Netflix For Android and iOS Devices

Netflix have launched the android and iOS app version of Internet speed test for free download.

You might be wondering what it is all about. Well, Netflix is a top platform and the world's leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. Few months back, they developed a website ( used for testing internet speed but now, they have just launched the mobile app version of the site. So users can now use it to test how fast their network is


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My Own Speed Test With The App
I wasn't really satisfied at the result of the network speed test on my Airtel line. Am rocking the airtel 6gb for N1500 plan on one of my airtel lines and when i ran the Internet speed test, look at the result below. I got a speed of 810kb/s which is not too good and also not too bad. You too can test yours.

How It Works
As with the website, the app connects to Netflix servers to do the speed test run instead of any of the ISP servers to give a more realistic speed result. It also shows only the download speed as that's what people are usually most interested in.

Where To Download It
1. Android users, Download apk Android app here
2. iOS users, Download app here

Meanwhile, the app offers the same interface and features as the website so it might not be necessarily needed if you don't have enough space on your device. You can just make use of the website via your web browser to determine the internal speed of your network. It works like internet speed meter app.


  1. My glo 10 gig of 2500 is 1.7mbs. It's manageable

    1. Prosper you are lucky to get such speed with glo

  2. Mine was able to reach a speed of 7.5mb/s at first via Wi-Fi but it later went down to 6.6mb/s