MTN XtraByte: How To Borrow Data/Megabyte From MTN

MTN XtraByte is a newly introduced service that lets eligible active prepaid customers borrow data on credit when they run out of data while browsing and pay back on their next recharge.

I see this as a welcome idea knowing that similar service was launched by MTN some years but was only for airtime (call cards) so giving its subscribers the option to borrow data is a good innovation because many people now prefer to have data on their Smartphones than having call airtime. Am one of those that prefer data to airtime. I don't know about you.

Interesting thing about this offer is that you can borrow airtime through MTN XtraTime, also borrow "data through XtraByte" as long as you are eligible for the services. So both voice and data options are there for you.

To be eligible to borrow megabyte (Data) with MTN XtraByte, you must fulfil these criteria below
=> Your SIM must be registered
=> Your number must have been active on the network for at least 3 months
=> Your main account balance must be between #0 and #12

How To Check If You Are Eligible
You can check if you are eligible for MTN XtraByte data service by dialling the code, *606# and then select 1 from your registered MTN line.


Benefits And How To Enjoy MTN Xtravalue Bundles

Below Is An Infographic Of MTN XtraByte Data Bundles

Data Bundles Available On XtraByte include:

1. 10MB
2. 30MB
3. 100MB
4. 200MB
5. 750MB

How To Borrow Data From MTN

To Borrow, dial *606# and follow the prompt appropriately

To check your borrowed Megabyte balance, dial *606#, then select check balance.

If you have enough credit on your line, you will receive a message like this after dialing the code; which means you can't borrow until you have less than N12 in your balance.


All You Need To Know About MTN Xtra Voice Plan And How To Activate It

What Is The Expiry/Validity Period
The validity period for mtn xtrabyte data bundles are shown in this screenshot


1. You can borrow data once you are eligible even if you have an existing airtime loan that you are yet to pay back and can and also borrow airtime once you are eligible even if you have an existing data loan that you are yet to pay back as long as you are within your credit limit.

2. The XtraByte data will be loaded into a special XtraByte account and not the usual normal data account.

3. To pay back the borrowed data, MTN will deduct your airtime when next you recharge on that line (equivalent to the price for the borrowed data bundle) it can also be deducted via Share N Sell or any other means

For instance, if a customer owing N110 XtraByte does a recharge of N400, the N110 owed is first deducted from the recharge, then N290 will be loaded into the customer’s main account. MTN Said

4. You are allowed to borrow XtraByte data as many times as possible as long as you has no outstanding XtraByte payment and is eligible for the service.

However, you have to pay up all outstanding XtraByte data to be eligible to use the service again.

If you still have any question in regards to this, kindly use the comments section to ask and i will attend to you ASAP.


  1. for how long will it spend before it expires?

    1. No word about the expiry date from MTN. Will update it once it's officially confirmed

    2. UPDATED: check the Validity period up there 👆

  2. Hmmmm.. anoda way of makinq money ni...

  3. I was about saying cool, buh knowing mtn, this may be a means of stealing people's money buh subcribing people to it unknowingly