More Photos From Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg's Visit To Nigeria

The Facebook founder visited Nigeria for the first time on Tuesday, touching down in Lagos, Nigeria. He met with local businesses and developers in an effort to understand how Facebook (FB, Tech30) could “better support tech development and entrepreneurship across Africa,” the company said in a statement.

His visit included a trip to a Yaba, known as the Silicon Valley of Nigeria, where he toured a coding camp for kids and met with about 50 local startup founders and developers at CcHub, a local innovation center.

According Zuckerberg:
“There’s so much energy and so much potential here. I just want to walk around and meet folks.”


  1. This is awesome. I icon I look up to. He should just be very careful before the kidnap him.

  2. How time flies, so it's over year now since he visited Nigeria

  3. Thanks for dropping these wonderful pictures with your well displayed watermark