Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hammer Test: Watch What Happens On This Video

Samsung latest flagship device the Galaxy Note 7 has been the talk of the town and it has stormed the smartphone industry with its extraordinary features. In case you miss, you can check the specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 here

A user on YouTube by name xeetechcare decided to carry out some weird test on the Galaxy Note7 durability in various ways, including dropping it on the floor, dropping it on water and finally trying to damage it with a knife and two hammers 🔨 (a small and a large one)

This reminds me of similar hammer test performed on Umi Touch Smartphone. You can watch how the phone reacted to it Here. This is possible because these phones come with Gorilla Glass screens which uses advanced technology and stronger 💪 than the normal phone screens.

The Galaxy Note7 uses the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and as expected, it survived the knife test pretty well. However, it succumbed and yielded to defeat when the powers of hammer 🔨 bestowed on it like how grasses suffer when an elephant 🐘 falls.

It is worth recollecting that a
similar test done to the Galaxy Note 5 which uses Gorilla Glass 4 last year from PhoneBuff shows that the level of protection isn't the same as the new Gorilla Glass 5 proved more stronger when it matters most.


  1. Nice videos but i can't try any of such on my phones

  2. Nice videos but i can't try any of such on my phones

    Thanks for dropping them here