How To Get Huge Twitter Visitors/Followers With The Power Of #Hashtag

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Today, I will be teaching you on 'How to get the best out of Twitter to your blog', 'How to get huge visitors from Twitter to your blog'. It bitters me when some bloggers don't even know the truth, and what's the truth? I guess you are about to find out, very soon!..

How to get huge visitors to your blog from Twitter
Ask yourself this question, why was Twitter even created at first? What are it's aim?

Twitter is a special social network that connects people to their followers, it's a place where you listen to people and vice-versa, you know what i mean? The follow stuff, I guess you understood that word
better, LoL. Twitter is meant for adverstiment, it's meant for leaders and followers.

You are blogger or should i say a professional blogger and you still don't have a twitter account? Then you're wasting your time,

Do you want to know why? 

Over the years, I have made alot of research about the traffic you get from Twitter and Facebook through advertisement and it was a big win by Twitter. I will always say this, "Facebook has lots of
interesting features that will make people less attentive to your adverts or share on it", like fb group, page, group chats, message, like button, reaction mode, those things are enuogh to distract

Powerful Potentials of Twitter

#1. The Power of #Hashtag : The hashtag is a very powerful tool that is underestimated, even by the so-called bloggers!. To me the Hashtag is a search engine on it's own, where your tweets get ranked and it's visible to millions of users on Twitter. Can't you see? It's not even just your followers, but

Only by posting your article names and links on twitter, will it be visible to your targeted audience on Twitter? Mind you, I didn't say "Targetted followers" but audience. Guys! You all need to wake-up and face reality, if you really want to survive in the blogosphere.

Why Twitter is the #1 Option For Ads, Sharing Your post

When you share on Twitter, 60% of your followers pays attention to your share or advert because there aren't lots of features on twitter compared to facebook. It's only between you and your Followers and that's all, but if you are wise enough to key to this article you will include your targeted audience using the #Hashtag.

Try this! And I can assure you that you will come look for me, thanking me with dollars $, LoL.

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