Can You Buy iPhone 7 With 500,000 Naira? iPhone 7 Price In Nigeria

The latest Apple flagship device; iPhone 7 has been launched and it's already here in Nigeria if you don't know ๐Ÿ˜

Wondering about the price? Worry no more my brother my sister. Am happy to reveal the price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria to you right now. Please and please, if you don't have the cash at hand now because of recession, just look around you and sale something even if it's your father's landed property and for the ladies, you know how it is naa... Winks๐Ÿ˜‰. Hahahahahaha... I can't stop laughing. Abeg na joke oo. Don't mind me.

On a more serious note, how could iPhone 7 cost almost half a million Naira in this present economic situation in Nigeria? It might be affordable somewhere else in the world but here in Nigeria, i don't see it recording a success at that price as it's going to be used by the very wealthy guys and ladies out there.

The annoying thing is most of the people that will purchase it won't be able to do any spectacular thing with the device apart from making calls, playing music and snapping pictures (which you can do with any other phone)

Okay, here is the koko, on Jumia iPhone 7 is selling for a whopping N493,700. Can you beat that?

With N500,000 you can get a plot of land in some developed areas in Nigeria and in two years time, the land value will appreciate and sell for about a million while the iPhone 7 price will deprecate to around N180,000 after two years. Spend and invest wisely

Anyway, i would rather go for Tecno Phantom 6 which is expected to sell for N115000 than buying an iPhone with half a million. My choice though.

So if you have strong bond with iPhone 7 or if you have too much money or if you are marrying Dangote's daughter, oya... You can buy iPhone 7 here

Wonders shall never end


  1. I'd rather invest my money on Swisscoin

  2. 500000k!!!!!!
    I don't even know what people see in iphone self

  3. Previous commenter have said it all. I can't buy that phone at that cost no matter how buoyant I'm i