Checkout How Much It Cost Apple To Make iPhone 7

Do you know how much it took Apple to produce an iPhone 7 device? Well, you will know it now. iPhone 7 is already live and currently priced at around N493,700 in Jumia but is it too costly or affordable when compared to its production costs?

The truth is Apple makes an estimated profit of $424 anytime a single unit of iPhone 7 32GB variant is sold (This is based on the cost of making each iPhone 7 and excludes the research, development, or marketing costs).


Buy iPhone 7 In Jumia

In other words, the iPhone 7 component costs around $219.80. with below configurations;

✔ The cost of making the display is up to $43
✔ Cost of the Intel modem and other baseband chips are estimated at $33.90.
✔ The third most expensive item used in making the phone is Apple’s quad-core A10 Fusion chip which costs about $26.90.
✔ The so called "larger 1,920 mAh battery" costs about $2.50 (You can check out more details here). I don't really know why Apple don't want to improve on device battery. Imagine when other phones are offering 4000mAh and above battery capacity, Apple is still rotating in a circle of below 2000mAh and still sales the phone for half a million Naira. There is God ooo

Meanwhile, despite the removal of the headphone jack, IHS said that the "iPhone 7 is more expensive to manufacture than last year’s iPhone 6s".


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  2. The cost of Making that phone can conveniently buy an android phone with superb specs

  3. Some iPhone fans won't even look at the cost of it simply because they are totally in love with it

  4. Some iPhone fans won't even look at the cost of it simply because they are totally in love with it